Video: Fashion & Accessories Haul!

I’m back after a mini hiatus! As fun as the holidays are, they are equally as stressful and chaotic. I’ve been busy helping prepare for an onslaught of upcoming holiday parties, and I think the madness will slowly start to settle soon.

So, I realized recently that I’ve actually bought quite a few things these past few months. I’m not much of a fall and winter girl, which can be evidenced by my lack of fashion choices this time of year. A few months ago, you could have heard crickets coming from my cold weather section of the closet. Not having winter-appropriate clothing was my own twisted way of rebelling against my least favorite seasons. I finally came to the realization that this “rebellion” was doing nothing, and decided I needed to stock up on some new clothes. Trust me, it was torture saying no to those end-of-summer sales. I had to constantly tell myself “No, you’re only buying fall and winter stuff now.”

I’ve worn a lot of this stuff on my blog already. There are a few things that I’m also planning on wearing soon (if this weather ever cooperates). I wanted to share everything, because I’m really excited about all the styling possibilities there are. Also, I just really love watching “haul” videos on YouTube, and thought it would be fun to make one ;). If you aren’t familiar, hauls are essentially a roundup of items you bought. AKA what I like to call a successful shopping trip.

This video is a mix of local boutiques and mass retailers (all of which I love shopping at). I hope you enjoy, and Happy December!


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