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Happy Fri-YAY! I’m usually not a fan of cheesy puns, but thought it was necessary today to show excitement that the week’s over. I have zero plans for the weekend, which is awesome. My plan is to get caught up on some odds and ends the next couple of days, but you know how that always goes. The second I turn on my TV Friday night, I pretty much am done doing anything productive. If there’s a Sex and the City marathon on, then it’s 100% game over on accomplishing my to-do list. I’ve seen every episode at least twenty times, but they always suck me in.

Another reason I plan on laying low this weekend? Because the season change is doing a number on my sinuses. I’ve been getting really bad nosebleeds all week, and it’s not pretty. I was actually driving the other day, and it started profusely bleeding. Of course, I had only one tiny napkin in my car at the time. I’ve since stocked up in preparation of my next nosebleed. Unfortunately, my trench coat was in the line of fire, but I think it’ll be saved. On a related note: hydrogen peroxide is a lifesaver.

1. Meyer Lemon Citrus Sangria

I love moscato and I love lemons, so why not unite them into a refreshing sangria? This sounds like the perfect pairing of sweet and tangy!

Lemon Citrus Sangria Recipe

2. The DANNIJO Lionel necklace

I’ve been an admirer of DANNIJO for a few years now, and it was their signature bib necklace that first caught my eye. I love the gold hardware mixed with the blue beads. There’s something really chic about that combination, and I love a good statement necklace.

Dannijo Lionel Bib Necklace

3. It’s slowly getting warmer, and that means it’s time to switch up your makeup routine. Huffington Post published an article with some easy tips for using beauty products in warm weather. A major thing they stress is ditching your powder products for the summer and sticking to cream-based makeup.

Summer Beauty Products


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  2. FashionEdible

    So sorry to hear of your nosebleeds. That sounds awful! Allergy season is definitely kicking in but hopefully it will be over soon enough. That lemon sangria sounds delicious! Hope you had a relaxing weekend!


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