Pink & Checkered

Checkered Dress with Pink Blazer

Pink Blazer with Black and White Checkered Dress

You could say that I like the color pink. I mean, I’m wearing it on my feet, shoulders and lips today. It seems that once I start with one pink piece on my outfit, it just snowballs from there. I go through phases where I seem to be really into a certain color. Pink, obviously, is the color of choice at the moment (and most of the time). I’ll blame it on the weather warming up for my urge to inject cheerful colors into my look.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how versatile this checkered Forever 21 has been over the years. I bought it two years ago, and it’s become a year round staple. Not too shabby for a $20 price tag. I really don’t shop at Forever 21 much anymore, but it’s always nice when you find a well-made piece that sticks with you for the long haul!

Black and White Checkered Dress Forever 21

Pink Blazer with Pink Heels

Pink Blazer with Black and White Dress

Pink Blazer (similar) | Forever 21 Checkered Dress (similar) (adorable romper version) | Dee Keller Mallory Heels (similar) | NYX Extreme Lip Cream in ‘Dolly Girl’ | Kate Spade Crystal and Gold Earrings


6 thoughts on “Pink & Checkered

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  2. FashionEdible

    You look dynamite! I love this combination! And I totally agree with you – I don’t shop much at Forever 21 either but I have one F21 denim jacket that has stayed with me for a few years now. It’s such a great jacket!


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