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Viniq Vodka Review

I swear I’m not one of those people who’s overly obsessed with Valentine’s Day, but this year I’m just really into all things pink and red. When you’re at this point in the winter, all you want to do is look at pretty colors and think about when spring will be here. Also, I bought pink and red carnations recently, and have been slightly obsessed with how good they look together. That means I’ve taken way too many pictures with them to give me motivation on these freezing cold days.

Pink and Red Carnations Valentine's Day

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year, I feel like there are a lot of fun routes you can go to celebrate with your friends or significant other. I know the common denominator in mine and Joe’s relationship is food, and we plan on implementing that aspect into our Valentine’s Day festivities. This is where it’s important to remind you that since the holiday falls on a Sunday, you can stretch out your celebrations over the entire weekend. Back to the food.

Since Joe gets in town Thursday night, we’ll have a lot of opportunities to wine and dine over the weekend. We bond over our love of food, and we love everything from fancy shmancy to eating take out in our biggest pair of sweatpants. I’m planning on covering the entire spectrum while he’s in town. We’ll probably do a big Kroger shop when he gets here, and cook some of our favorite meals. We have dinner plans Saturday night, and I’m sure there will be a lot of brunching sprinkled in there, too. Long story short, it’ll be nice to bond over what we love most, and Valentine’s weekend is the perfect excuse to do so!

Viniq Ruby Vodka

Of course, no good meal is complete without a little alcohol to go along with it. That’s why when Viniq sent me a bottle of Viniq Ruby, I thought it would be perfect for this upcoming weekend. Guys, this liqueur actually shimmers! I spent a good half hour swirling the bottle around and watching the shimmer float around the bottle. Viniq Ruby is a blend of vodka, moscato and natural fruit flavors to make one enticing and shimmery drink. What’s nice is you can drink this by itself, or add it to a cocktail mixer. The options are endless, but I can guarantee it’ll be a hit.

Viniq Vodka

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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ready

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  2. Grace Silla

    What a gorgeous shade of liqueur! I can’t believe how vibrant the color is – way too cool and definitely perfect for Valentines Day. It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. You guys sound like us – we eat one meal while planning for the next. Lame. Haha….we can’t help it! We are foodies at heart!



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