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We’ve officially made it through the first week of February! Winter seems to be back in full force, and I’m having a tough time readjusting after that brief warm period. I was using some wishful thinking and thought spring had made an early arrival. Until that time comes, I think I’ll continue to hibernate indoors with a blanket permanently attached to my side.

Since February is the month of love, I thought this feature from Condé Nast Traveler about The Chanler at Cliff Walk, the most romantic hotel in the U.S., would be fitting to share. After looking at the pictures, I want to move into this gorgeous mansion turned hotel in Newport, Rhode Island. Until that dream can become a reality, maybe I’ll just have to book a weekend getaway there.

The Chanler at Cliff Walk

My friend and fellow Thread member Tamia started her brand new podcast this week, and it’s awesome! Titled “Creative City”, Tamia interviews creatives around the Cincinnati area, and gives you a glimpse into how they got where they are today. I love listening to podcasts, especially ones about people who are making things happen for themselves. You should add this to your playlist!

Tamia The Style Sample

With Valentine’s Day being next weekend, I’ve been obsessing over all things pink and red. Viniq recently sent me a bottle of Viniq Ruby, and it’s probably the coolest bottle of liqueur I’ve ever seen. It’s actually a shimmery mix of vodka, moscato red berry and tropical orange citrus juices. I actually get mesmerized looking at the bottle because I feel like I’m staring at a lava lamp. This is a great drink to make for any of your Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day celebrations, and I’ve shared a festive recipe below.

Viniq Liqueur

Ruby Romance


1 oz. Viniq® Ruby Shimmery Liqueur

Fill with Strawberry Moscato


Chill all ingredients 2 hours prior to serving

Garnish Ingredients:

White Chocolate Chips


Simple Syrup

Pink sugar crystals and edible pink hearts

Edible glitter dust

Garnish Method:

Mix sparkly pink sugar crystals & edible pink hearts together in a bowl

Dip rim of glass in simple syrup on a plate & then dip glass lightly in sugar heart mix

Begin to Build cocktail in 8 oz. Flute Glass

Melt white chocolate chips, dip clean strawberry half way in chocolate

Place strawberries upside down on an egg carton tray and sprinkle with diamond shimmer edible glitter dust


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