Spring Wardrobe Wish List

With spring being a short five, yes FIVE days away, I thought it was time to start creating my spring wish list. I went to the mall over the weekend, and it was heaven. So many new arrivals hot off the presses and ready for the change of season. For me, it’s the time to sport some color and add a little pop to my look. I feel much more inspired putting outfits together this time of year as opposed to winter. Everything is bland in the winter, and that includes my creative side.

I was pretty rebellious during my aforementioned shopping trip, and dropped some serious dough within a matter of minutes. Something came over me, and I was just ready for a wardrobe refresh. I bought some shoes, some clothes and a new pink lip color, so you could say it was a nice mix of everything.

There’s a few key styles on my radar this spring, and I wanted to talk about them a bit today.

1.Off The Shoulder. 

This trend is going to be/already is everywhere this season. I personally love it because it’s a sexy but subtle way to show some skin. I have a few off-the-shoulder tops (and bought some more over the weekend), and love the look of the exposed clavicle area. Plus, you can pair some awesome statement earrings with them to really show them off!


Gingham always seems to creep up this time of year, and each year I still get excited about it. I own more gingham than I’d like to admit, and while it’s technically referred to as preppy, I see it as a simple piece you can build an entire outfit around. It looks crisp and polished, and the checkered pattern always gives me the urge to have a picnic.

3.Statement Shoes.

Having a blog has definitely expanded my love for a good statement shoe. I’ve added some bold colored kicks to my closet over the years, but fell for these striped Vince Camuto slingbacks during my mall visit last weekend. They’re statement-making without being overly flashy. I’ve been wanting a pair of striped heels, but everything I saw was insanely expensive. These were only $98, and I cannot tell you how comfortable they are! I slipped them on, and felt like I could spend a whole day walking around in these and not pay the price later.

And below is a little sampling of everything else I’m hoping will magically appear in my closet! Happy shopping, friends.

Spring Wardrobe Wish List

spring fashion trends 2016

Alice + Olivia Knit Dress | Loren Hope Abba Earrings | Alice + Olivia Off The Shoulder Dress

Vince Camuto Striped Slingback Pumps | Rebecca Minkoff Tassel Backpack | Kate Spade Crystal Cuff

J.Crew Gingham Blazer | Kate Spade Cat Eye Sunglasses | J.Crew Denim Jacket


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