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Happy First Friday of February!

Is anyone else so happy that we’ve crossed off a month of winter, and are slowly but surely inching closer to spring? A majority of my days are spent daydreaming of spring during these freezing days. I can’t complain too much because we’ve had a pretty mild winter (so far).

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I can’t stop gazing at everything pink and red. While most people reserve this color combination strictly for the 14th of February, it’s one of my favorite color pairings year round. This Cupid’s Cocktail from Amanda’s Cookin’ mixes pink and red for a fun and flirty champagne cocktail. A Valentine’s Day cocktail will definitely be on the agenda for me this year. Joe and I won’t be seeing each other until a few days after the 14th, so a fun drink will have to do!

champagne cocktail valentine's day, valentine's day cocktail

With spring on my mind, it only makes sense that I’m also dreaming of all things fun and colorful. Erickson Beamon has long been on my designer jewelry wish list, and these hoops are now at the top of the list. These beaded and gold hoops would go with just about anything, but I’m envisioning them paired with a flowy feminine dress (and cocktail in hand).

Erickson Beamon Jewelry

Since we’ve been on the topic of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to share this fun article from Travel + Leisure highlighting the most romantic destination in every state. For my fellow Ohioans, Crystal Cave was chosen as Ohio’s most romantic destination. I’ve never heard of it, but once I read that the cave doubles as the world’s largest geode, I was instantly intrigued!

While I’d gladly give my home state some love and visit Crystal Cave, I have to admit I’d be more than happy to make the trip to Hawaii to check out Sweetheart Rock (see below picture for instant travel inspiration).

most romantic destination us

Have a good weekend!


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