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As I sit down to type this, my phone says it 69 degrees outside, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It is gorgeous outside, and I think my mom are going to take advantage of the warmth and get a drink at Somm (if you’re in Cincinnati, they have an amazing patio with firepits!).

Now that it’s the weekend, however, winter has returned (hopefully for one last time). For this cold girl, that most likely means I’ll be hibernating all weekend and patiently waiting for it to get warm again. Riveting, I know.

French 75 cocktail

I came across this fun twist on the classic French 75, and had to share it because it looks so good. This is the Belizean 75, courtesy of Cali Girl Cooking, and it sounds so fruity and refreshing! What makes this different than a traditional French 75? You switch out gin for rum and lemon juice for other citrus juices, making this a drink reminiscent of a tropical vacation. Cheers!

Lulu Frost Earrings

I think I mentioned this on Twitter, but one of the things I gave up for Lent is shopping. It might sound silly, but it’s so easy to just mindlessly buy things, and I thought Lent would be the perfect time for me to get back on track with my spending. With that being said, I wore my Lulu Frost Nova necklace to get drinks last night and had a hankering to see what new pieces she had on the site. I’ve been avoiding looking at shopping sites the past couple of weeks, but it doesn’t hurt to take a peek if I’m not buying, right?!  I came across these Jardin earrings, and they instantly spoke to me. These gold stunners, inspired by the calla lily, are delicate and statement-making.

best sorority houses

I came across this Town and Country article about 15 insane sorority houses, and my mind is still blown. I was a Pi Phi at UD, and while our house was newer and extremely nice, I am totally floored by the houses in this article. Sure, these are all houses from way bigger schools than UD, but I had no clue they were this grand! These sorority houses are like palatial estates, and they’re beautiful. Take a look if you want some serious house envy!


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