Glam New Year’s Eve Decor

Who else loves the decor this time of year?! While Christmas might be over, there’s still another holiday quickly approaching: New Year’s Eve. I want to stretch out my holiday decor as long as possible, which is why I’m teaming up with Treetopia again to ring in a chic and stylish New Year. Luckily all I needed to make were a few minor tweaks to transform my Christmas decor into a fresh new look for New Year’s Eve.

First up I decided to add another element to the dining room tablescape. These Metallic Medley Ornament Set ornaments worked out perfectly to add an extra level of pizzazz to our red and gold table decor. We typically just have red disco ball ornaments on the table, but I love how these shades of gold ornaments looked.

Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Table Centerpiece

I stayed in the dining room to integrate my next element of New Year’s Eve decor. The All That Glitters Wreath was the perfect statement piece for the room and laid nicely against the china cabinet. There’s a lot of gold going on in this room, so having a gold wreath really tied everything together nicely.

Gold Wreath Treetopia

One of my favorite festive Treetopia pieces I used are these fun Color My World LED Globe Lights! These pictures don’t even do justice to how cute they are, but there’s silver tinsel inside each globe light and it’s adorable!  Honestly, there are so many ways you can utilize these lights, whether it’s on a tree, laid out as tabletop decor or put together in a glass jar. I opted to put mine on our entryway table because I thought it looked nice with the other colorful items already displayed there.

Colorful Christmas Lights

Christmas Table Centerpiece

Holiday Centerpiece

Multi Colored Christmas Lights

Treetopia Christmas Lights

Treetopia Ornamnets

How are you guys preparing for New Year’s Eve this year? Is there any special New Year’s Eve decor you use to get your home ready? It’s looking to be a cold one, but that’s all the more reason to stay inside and enjoy the cheerful holiday decor! Be sure to check out the other bloggers who teamed up with Treetopia to get festive for NYE!

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1 thought on “Glam New Year’s Eve Decor

  1. Brita Long

    What pretty decor! I love all the sparkle.

    My NYE plans are really tame. Dan caught a cold, and I can’t tell if my sniffles are normal allergies or also a cold. So we’re just hanging out with his parents tonight. We fly home to Georgia on the 2nd.

    We did have a nice dinner at The Melting Pot Saturday night with my besties. 😀 Going out around NYE, but not on the night itself, is my budget-friendly way to celebrate. 😉


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