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A couple of weeks ago, the team at Kroger was kind enough to send a ton of Simple Truth products my way. You can watch my unboxing video here or below see everything I got! There were a ton of great products inside, and today I wanted to share what a few of my favorites were.

I’ve been purchasing Simple Truth products from Kroger for years now, and it’s exciting to see how big their product range has grown! It’s nice having a natural, organic brand to shop from that offers such a large variety. I think 80% of the food in our refrigerator and pantry are from Simple Truth, so it’s no surprise that I give them my seal of approval!

I wanted to highlight a few noteworthy products in today’s post. First up is the Simple Truth medium salsa. I’ve already been purchasing this salsa for a while now, so I was excited to see it inside my package! For me, the medium flavor is just right, not too spicy and not too mild. It’s the perfect mix of juicy and chunky and I love dipping chips in it (like the Simple Truth blue corn tortilla chips) or topping them off on my quesadillas.

Simple Truth Organic

Organic Chips and Salsa

The freeze-dried strawberries and bananas were another exciting discovery. We’re all trying to be a bit healthier in the new year, and I feel like these are a perfect snack to satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty. Also, the pink packaging instantly had me intrigued!

Simple Truth Kroger

Strawberry and Banana Chips

I was really excited about all the great quick and easy snacks in my Simple Truth delivery. Joe is currently training for a marathon (he’s a seasoned marathon runner), so getting enough nutrients throughout the day is crucial.

Simple Truth Organic Snacks

There were some great drinks included as well! My family always has bottles of Simple Truth water on hand, so I was excited to see those included. There were also some cans of mixed berry and lemon-lime seltzer water. These are nice and refreshing to enjoy on their own but are also the perfect mixer for a weekend cocktail. Plus, I love the design of the skinny can and bold magenta hue!

Berry Seltzer Water

I was really excited to try some of Simple Truth’s lifestyle products that I’ve never used before. My mom’s gone through a bottle of this lavender eucalyptus lotion before, so I was happy I got to give it a go, especially since I love all things lavender. The lotion has a creamy consistency, and I love that it’s not as thick and heavy as other lotions. It goes on smoothly and has a nice, clean scent.

Organic Lavender Lotion

Thank you to Kroger for partnering on this post!  


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