Colorful Coats I’m Coveting

Colorful Winter Coats for Women

1: Ladylike Green Peacoat | 2: Hot Pink Cropped Puffer Jacket  | 3: Chic Suede and Shearling

4:  Lilac Faux Fur Coat | 5: Baby Blue Faux Fur Coat | 6: Mustard Yellow Peacoat

If you’re reading this right now, chances are it’s extremely cold where you are. Obviously, it’s wintertime, but it sure does feel like this winter has been an extra harsh one. Between the frequent snow and constant single-digit temperature days, bundling up has been vital this season.

In the past, I was never a coat person. I had a couple practical coats, and that was that. I didn’t understand the appeal or the need to have different colors and styles. My mom, on the other hand, has always had a major soft spot for coats and jackets. I never really understood her attraction to them until recent years. I’ve always loved fashion, but for some reason, I didn’t keep my fashion criteria high once it got to putting on my outerwear. If the outfit was good, who cares what the coat looks like? Between having a blog and being in real estate, I think those are the two major reasons why I started developing a love for stylish coats.

My real estate career has especially made me appreciate a good coat. I’ve had to show many a house where the heat isn’t on, and trust me, it’s painfully cold, especially when you’re trying to rattle off the features of a house all while juggling your purse and papers in your hand. Trust me, you want to invest in a good winter coat!

If there’s a theme I’ve noticed with my recent coat purchasing habits, it would definitely be color. I live for colorful winter coats! My mood is pretty bleak this time of year just because I can never seem to get warm, and I feel like that can sometimes spill over into my fashion choices. Color instantly elevates my mood so it only makes sense to reach for a piece that’s both warm and colorful.

Since we seem to just be getting started with winter, I’ve found myself constantly looking at colorful winter coats to pass the time and see if there’s anything I want to pull the trigger on. I thought I’d share some of my top picks for colorful winter coats since you might be in the same boat as me! Here’s a little flashback to one of my favorite colorful coats that has been worn plenty of times on the blog!


2 thoughts on “Colorful Coats I’m Coveting

  1. Margaret

    Wow! All that color gives me hope that Spring will eventually come! But, I’d take that suede and shirling right now for this deep winter weather we’re having.


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