Colorful Striped Tee

Striped Tee Denim Skirt

My love for colorful stripes is showing no signs of slowing down! I love a good dose of color and adding multiple colors in the form of stripes is a-okay with me.

Do you ever stop shopping at a certain store for awhile but for no particular reason? That’s how I’ve been with Madewell the past two years I’d say. I just stopped making a point of browsing their site or stopping in when I was at the mall. I think because I’m always scouring the web and taking in so much fashion on a daily basis that certain brands I love can innocently fall through the cracks.

Denim Mini Skirt Striped Tee

My mom was recently commenting about how many cute things she was seeing on the Madewell site, which is when I realized I hadn’t checked there for the longest time. Sure enough, I was loving everything when I got to the website! I first laid eyes on this adorable colorful striped tee and loved the red, yellow, and blue paired together. I ultimately decided not to pull the trigger because I’ve been trying to reel in my online shopping lately.

Fast forward to a week later when I’m at the mall and had a few minutes to kill before a meeting. I stopped into Madewell and instantly spotted the colorful striped tee and decided it was fate. I didn’t even take the time to try it on, but I had hoped for the best. It’s the perfect cozy tee for looking put together with minimal effort.

I absolutely love how it looks paired with my denim mini skirt and a wicker handbag. As much as I love getting dressed up sometimes it’s nice to just throw on a tee and some denim!

Denim Mini Skirt

Madewell Striped Tee

Colorful Striped Tee

Outfit Details:

Colorful Striped Tee | Denim Mini Skirt | Wicker Handbag (similar) | Brown Sandals (similar)

Denim Mini Skirt

Colorful Striped Tee

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