Colorful Toucan Earrings

Colorful toucan earrings worn by fashion blogger Baubles to Bubbles

Jewelry Is My Weakness! It is probably the last thing I need more of in my wardrobe, but as you know it’s probably my favorite thing to wear! I’ve been trying to be more mindful of the pieces I purchase and try to think if they will be something versatile that I’ll get a lot of wear out of.

Toucan Earrings

Sometimes though, you need to throw all that logic out of the window and go with your color-obsessed instinct! That was my motto when I laid eyes on these stunning, multi-colored toucan earrings from Zara. There are too many great colors to count in these statement earrings, and I don’t think anything screams summer more than having some festive birds dangling from your ears.

Colorful toucan earrings

I feel like a broken record after all these years but summer is my favorite time to dress for. My mood is so dependent on the weather, and I’ve also realized over the years that color is also a big mood lifter for me. That’s why I know these toucan earrings were a wise purchase!

Green pants worn by Baubles to Bubbles
Green pants with pink wicker handbag

The Outfit

These green cropped flares continue to be a favorite of mine. In the last year, I’ve developed an obsession with purchasing pants in every hue of the rainbow and this green pair from Anthropologie is probably my most worn pair. You may know that I love the color green and this shade sums up my love of the color. Plus, I think it’s always a plus when your outfit perfectly matches the surroundings!

The Location

Amy and I got together on a perfect morning in May to shoot this outfit. The swings along Smale Park is one of my favorite spots to hang out this time of year. It’s the perfect spot to take in the views of the Ohio River and Kentucky. It’s also my go-to spot to take a breather when I’m exercising along the riverfront. That is if there are any swings available!

Green pants with a white top as seen on fashion blogger Baubles to Bubbles
Square neck white puff sleeve top worn by blogger Olivia Johnson
Cincinnati fashion blogger Baubles to Bubbles at Smale Park
Toucan statement earrings styled by Cincinnati fashion blogger Baubles to Bubbles
Colorful summer outfit ideas
Colorful statement earrings
Pink wicker handbag worn by blogger Baubles to Bubbles

Photography by Amy Elisabeth Spasoff


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