What To Wear to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Opening Night

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Opening Night for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra takes place on September 22. I’m anxiously counting down the days!

The evening is French-themed and will include music from Dukas and Guillaume Connesson. I was immediately excited when I learned of the French theme for the fashion. When the CSO asked me to share my fashion choices for the evening I was thrilled and knew I wanted to style a range of outfits perfect for any female attendee!

I wanted to share looks that were glam, feminine, subtly sexy and classic. If I had a dream task this would be it. My closet is filled with dresses and I’ve been known to be a dress collector over the years, continuously adding new pieces to the wardrobe. The French theme is perfect because there are so many fashion routes you can go. The hardest part is choosing which one!

First up is this sexy yellow one shoulder floor length dress.

I only recently started buying maxi dresses, so floor length dresses are somewhat uncharted territory for me. I found this beauty on Revolve and 99% of the time I’d probably scroll right by it but something struck me about the bold color and the pretty neckline. This dress is sexy without revealing too much. Also, I never wear dresses that garner a “leg moment”, but this one screams for a little pop of leg! I accessorized my look with fun and colorful Milly box clutch and BHLDN earrings Joe got me a few years ago.

Yellow Floor Length Dress Olivia Johnson cincinnati fashion blogger

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Revolve Floor Length Yellow Dress

Baubles to Bubbles Milly Clutch

Cincinnati fashion blogger yellow dress

Lovers and Friends Marigold Dress Revolve

Lovers and Friends Floor Length Dress

The next look totally brings out my feminine side…

Which is what you usually see here on my blog but this look is feminine to the extreme! I saw this white ruffle Needle and Thread dress the second it came online and had been obsessing over it since I first laid eyes on it. Needle and Thread has been on my radar for years, but I’ve been waiting to make a move on the “perfect” dress. This one definitely falls into that category. Between the layers and layers of ruffles and the big silky black bow, this dress screams feminine whimsy and is perfect for giving off vintage French vibes!

Needle and Thread Ruffle Dress Baubles to Bubbles Blog

Needle and Thread Ruffle Midi Dress Baubles to Bubbles

White Ruffle Dress Music Hall Cincinnati

Needle and Thread White Ruffle Dress

Needle and Thread White Dress Baubles to Bubbles

Needle and Thread Dress

If you know me you know Milly is one of my favorite designers for pieces that are unique and statement-making. As usual, their newest collection doesn’t disappoint! The second I was informed of the French theme for the CSO Opening Night I instantly went to this dress. I mean, it’s red lace and the lace pattern is actually made of lips! Truly, can you get more French than that beautiful combination?

This dress is subtly sexy, which is typically the route I go when
I want to feel and look glam but classy.

The fit of this dress is perfect, but it doesn’t reveal too much so I feel really comfortable in this, which is always a plus when you’re at a formal event! I also want to point out these Dannijo earrings. I’m a bit of an earring collector, and the jewelry selection at Dannijo right now is incredible! I wanted to buy every pair of earrings I saw! However, I couldn’t resist this stunning pair of flower studs.

Milly Lip Print Dress Baubles to Bubbles

Milly Lip Print Dress Olivia Johnson Fashion Blog

olivia johnson baubles to bubbles

Milly Red Dress Cincinnati Fashion Blogger

Last but not least is this fun combination of a ball skirt paired with
a classic skinny bow top.

I pulled my hair up into an effortless ponytail and wore a simple gold clutch. This look mixes classic and feminine and is sure to be a fashion hit at Opening Night.

Formal Outfit for Opera Opening Night  White Bow Top Cincinnati Blogger Baubles to Bubbles

Classic Outfit for Formal Event Baubles to Bubbles Blog              Music Hall Cincinnati Fashion Blogger   Cincinnati Fashion Blogger Baubles to Bubbles at Music Hall

I hope this gives you inspiration if you’re attending Opening Night of the
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra!

I’m so excited to attend the event and am looking forward to getting dressed up and enjoying the evening and overall experience. You can still buy tickets for Opening Night by clicking here!

Thank you to Amy Spasoff for shooting these photos!


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