Edwards Desserts Town Takeover

Edwards Desserts Confection Collection

On Saturday I had the opportunity to travel to Winchester, Kentucky with Edwards Desserts for their first Town Takeover event. An experience built to share the love with fans and spread sweetness as we get closer to the holiday season! It was the perfect chance to travel to a quaint town in Kentucky and celebrate a loyal fan of the brand.

If you’re not familiar with Edwards Desserts, they’re a dessert brand known for their delicious thaw-and-serve crème pies that are available in the frozen desserts aisle of grocery stores across the nation. All of the pies feature a freshly-baked cookie crumb crust layered with a rich, creamy filling and topped with indulgent ingredients.

Edwards Desserts Town Takeover

Edwards Desserts chose Winchester, Kentucky for their Town Takeover.

They chose Winchester because of local loyal fan Tami Dunn who has been showcasing her love of their pies for years on her YouTube channel. She unboxes and taste tests the pies for her 46,000 viewers, and fans love to watch! Tami was the guest of honor at the event.

The day was filled with live music, face painting, a photo station and of course, free pie! Edwards Desserts had the cutest truck setup where you could get slices of pie from the window! I brought Joe along with me. He loved taking advantage of the free dessert opportunity.

I had a ton of fun traveling to Winchester for the day and chatting with Tami. She was so sweet and appreciative of Edwards coming to her town. It was great seeing everyone have so much fun and enjoying all you can eat pie!

Tami Dunn & Olivia Johnson

Edwards Desserts Confection Collection

Edwards Desserts Confection Collection

Edwards Desserts Candle

Confection Collection

One of the coolest parts of the day was getting to see Edwards Desserts new Confection Collection, which is limited-edition, playful dessert-inspired merchandise. The line includes cute gold pie servers, a pie-romatherapy oils set, cheeky t-shirts perfect for the whole family. Also, pie-scented candles based on Edwards popular pie flavors of Key Lime, Pumpkin Crème and Chocolate Crème. I wore a tee and cardigan from the collection to the event. They were both adorable and comfortable! You can purchase the merchandise here until December 21. I also got an adorable black beanie from the collection and based on how cold it’s gotten all of a sudden I know I’ll be wearing it a ton!

Luckily Edwards is planning a second Town Takeover event in December and you can enter to win by sharing how you make Edwards Desserts the center of your holiday celebrations! Just head to the Edwards Desserts Facebook page to enter from now until October 31st!

And don’t forget to pick-up an Edwards pie (or three) to have on hand for the holidays! It’s a stress-free way to really wow guests, or pick up some 2 pack singles to have a little indulgent me-time.

Edwards Desserts Town Takeover Baubles to Bubbles

Edwards Desserts Key Lime Pie

Edwards Dessrts Olivia Johnson baubles to bubbles

Edwards Desserts Confection Collection

Edwards Desserts Hersheys Chocolate Pie

Confection Collection Edwards Desserts  Edwards Desserts

Thank you to Edwards Desserts for partnering on this post!


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