Lobster Earrings

Fashion blogger Baubles to Bubbles wears lobster earrings from BaubleBar
Lobster earrings make a perfect summer statement.

I always love a good statement earring. I truly believe there’s no better time to make a jewelry statement than in the summer!

BaubleBar and Sugarfix by BaubleBar continuously create fun pieces that are some of the most worn in my jewelry collection.

These lobster earrings definitely make a statement. They are the epitome of summertime.

I love the bold red color and the earrings themselves are extremely lightweight. Weight is always a big factor for me with earrings because the last thing I want is to have droopy earlobes.

Cincinnati blogger Olivia Johnson wears lobster earrings from BaubleBar

I know this is 110% a first world problem, but I’m kind of bummed I haven’t been able to take advantage of summer fashion like I usually do. This summer has been insanely busy and all over the place. I was thinking recently that I have so many fun summer pieces that have yet to leave my closet. I know, not even a blip on the radar of life, but just something I’ve been thinking about lately.

With all the stress coming from every direction lately, I was starting to lose my mind a little bit. Also, I feel overwhelmed to the point that I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel. A major positive to come out of all this stress is that I’ve thrown myself into exercise the past two months. I never thought I’d be someone who looks forward to working out but it’s proven to be really therapeutic for me. I know people always rave about exercise being a great physical and mental outlet, and now that I’ve been experiencing it for myself I totally get it!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a hectic summer schedule, take advantage of the weather and get outside and go for a walk or run.

I’m more of a fast walker, and I also have my barre and TRX classes that have become part of my routine. I feel like a totally different person after my workouts, no matter how bad a day I was having before. I wasn’t expecting this to turn into a little exercise pep talk. But it’s been so helpful for me lately that I wanted to throw it out there!

Lobster earrings
BaubleBar earrings worn by fashion blogger Baubles to Bubbles
Fashion blogger Olivia Johnson

Back to the jewelry…

There are plenty of great lobster earrings available for summer. I was actually quite surprised to see all the different stylish variations out there. The best part? These won’t break the bank! I’ve rounded up my favorite options here:


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