I Started a Podcast! Introducing Bubbles and Banter

The title pretty much says it all! I started a podcast! Ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen around these parts?), I present you with Bubbles and Banter.

Bubbles and Banter Podcast

This is a long time coming, as I actually had my first inclinations about starting a podcast close to three years ago. Throughout my life, I was the furthest thing from a perfectionist. That is until I discovered my real passions. When I started blogging and pursuing the things that I love, I noticed perfectionism creep into my life. It had been so foreign to me, and while I think it can have some positives, striving for perfection often prevents you from ever actually acting on ideas.

In reality, that idea of having everything be perfect before making my podcast a reality made me waste three years of nothingness by making no progress. I stressed and stewed over so many little details that the only thing I accomplished was wasting time. I feel like this post is quickly spiraling into a Debbie Downer saga. But I want people reading this to not be an overthinking perfectionist like I have been for so long! If you have an idea or a goal, act on it! Once I started doing small tasks to make the podcast a reality; it was like a domino effect and allowed me to keep chugging along to get toward the goal.

One of the main areas where most of my overthinking was dedicated to is content.

Honestly, I love so many different things, and I didn’t want to back myself into a corner when creating the podcast. I am an entertainment/pop culture/media junkie and spend a ton of time refreshing the news. I also love comedy and have my entire life. Comedy and humor have been a huge outlet in my life and have helped me get through some tough times.

Speaking of tough times, like everyone else I’ve also been through plenty of those. I’m a firm believer that hearing stories of people who have overcome trying times can motivate us and give a new perspective.

I’ve also had the fortune of meeting a ton of creative people thanks to the blogging industry. I would love to have these people on to engage in conversation and hear how they got to where they are.

Long story short, there’s a lot I want to share! These first few episodes I truthfully was just trying to get the hang of things. So I played around and recorded these episodes solo. I’ve already been chatting with lots of different people who I plan on having on the podcast so stay tuned for that!

If you have any suggestions for guests or topics you’d like covered please let me know. Also, be sure to subscribe to Bubbles and Banter on any platform you listen to podcasts!


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