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One of the great loves in my life is the 90s and the fond memories I frequently think about from that amazing decade. It was a simpler time (especially compared to 2020) and the fashion was iconic across the board.

While we all think about the great supermodels and celebrities of the 90s when we think back to that time, many girls my age immediately transport to their own childhood and the memorable fashion moments we all had back then.

I enlisted the help of my friend Molly Villari of See Molly Blog to dive deep into some of our favorite styles from the greatest decade to date. She’s fashionable, a fellow child of the 90s, and we were on the same swim team growing up, so her credentials on the subject are solid.

Limited Too! | Childhood memories, Childhood toys, 90s nostalgia
The Limited Too dressing room area was the 90s girl version of a catwalk

We covered a lot of topics, but I truly feel there are so many more trends that can be discussed. Luckily Molly said she’s always down to come back again and help me reminisce upon more great fashion choices from our youth. Here are a few topics we did cover in this episode:

  • Limited Too. Truthfully, I could spend many hours talking about Limited Too, the greatest girl’s clothing store to ever exist. As an adult, I can look back and say two things: 1. that they were branding geniuses 2. I feel bad thinking about constantly pressuring my mom to buy me more clothes from them because I needed to have it all. Molly and I touch on this in the episode, but there was a time in the 90s where I was concerned what would happen when I’d eventually size out of Limited Too clothing because I was confident it was the only brand I’d wear well into adulthood. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I did eventually grow to love other clothing stores.
  • Butterfly clips. Can anyone else vividly remember their butterfly clip collection? I had an assortment of pastel-colored options that were drowning in glitter. It was magical. The butterfly clip appears to be making a comeback, and whether it’s 90s girls wearing them or a new generation, I’m just glad they’re getting the appreciation they deserve.
  • One-piece athletic swimsuits. Molly and I might be getting too nostalgic here, but if you grew on swimming for your local swim club then chances are you too lived in a Speedo or TYR brand athletic one piece. As someone who loves a one-piece swimsuit, this is probably the biggest “trend” I’ve carried over from my childhood to adulthood. Our swim club’s colors were blue and green, and we got a new team suit every summer in that color palette. You were definitely one of the cool kids at the pool if you got to wear one of the coveted suits.

Listen to the episode below or click here to listen on Apple and let me know what your favorite childhood fashion trends were!


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