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We’re all looking for something mood-boosting as 2022 begins. It’s cold, dreary, and I am desperate for anything pretty and colorful to get my serotonin up. That’s why I turn to jewelry in times of gloominess, in addition to my already deep-rooted love for baubles. Let’s explore some jewelry trends for 2022.

To be transparent about my recent complete lack of motivation, this post was one of many I had intended to share before the 2021 holiday season. It was all written up and ready to be posted and it just never happened. I thought I’d still share it now because we could all use a little January joy.

It seems color is going to be a big deal this year, to which I say: FINALLY! I love color. My heart flutters when I see anything colorful, whether it’s fashion, flowers, food, or anything in between. I’m talking bright and bold colors. Something that immediately catches your eye and makes you do a double-take. I’m glad more people who have been on the neutrals-only train are finally coming over to the colorful side.

Pinterest said it best when they called this colorful fashion resurgence “dopamine dressing”. I love that because it’s spot on (and I love a good alliteration). When I put on anything colorful I get an immediate dose of happiness and confidence.

I think jewelry-wise anything goes right now. It seems that more people are itching to ditch their matching sweatsuits and instead willing to opt for something more fun. My jewelry collection includes lots of color and I think we’ll be seeing plenty of colorful options across the board.

If color may not be your thing, try baubles that have unique shapes or are more geometric. I’m a huge fan of these Lele Sadoughi caged statement earrings. They’re a nice mix of classic and modern. These Mignonne Gavigan earrings offer a unique shape while incorporating the timeless pearl.

Jewelry trends 2022 from Loren Hope, Suzanna Dai, Dannijo, Susan Alexandra, Roxanne Assoulin, Mignonne Gavigan, and Kate Spade

Row 1: Lele Sadoughi earrings / Mignonne Gavigan earrings / Roxanne Assoulin bracelets

Row 2: Kate Spade rings / Susan Alexandra earrings / Loren Hope necklace

Row 3: Loren Hope earrings / Suzanna Dai earrings / Dannijo earrings

In case this isn’t enough jewelry inspiration for you, I’ve also shared some more baubles I’m loving below! What jewelry trends for 2022 are you loving?


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