Landscape Sweaters You’ll Love

I have a current sweater obsession and if you like color you’ll likely be obsessed, too. Intarsia sweaters seem to be everywhere at the moment, and with the current surge of dopamine dressing it’s easy to see why. Some call them landscape sweaters or scenic sweaters, but whatever you choose to call them I think we can all agree they’re an instant mood booster.

I first came across this stunning Boden cashmere sweater in a scenic meadow design, and I was hooked at first sight. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger when I did because it’s now sold out. I was actually prompted to write this blog post because I shared my sweater on my Instagram stories and people were obsessed like me!

I love these intarsia sweaters because they give vintage vibes but the vibrant colors make them feel fresh and current. Neutral, muted colors have been all the rage in recent years and I’m so glad the shift toward bold colors is finally taking place. I’ve never wavered from my love of color, and it’s been especially helpful during the past two years.

Perhaps these sweaters are a way to express what we’re looking forward to once we finally make it to the end of the pandemic. My landscape sweater makes me feel hopeful and encouraged of good things to come. It’s been hard to find things that lift my spirits lately but fashion has always been that bright light for me. It may sound silly that a colorful cashmere sweater makes me so happy, but it does. It’s especially making these dreary winter days a little bit more bearable and giving me something to look forward to.

There are a ton of great options out there right now, including favorites from Alice + Olivia, STAUD, and more. Shop some of my favorite landscape sweaters by clicking on the images below!

This is the Boden sweater that kickstarted my obsession. I’m hoping they bring this beauty back in stock!

landscape sweater

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