Gift Ideas For The Champagne Lover

I love champagne. This obviously isn’t a secret, but this time of year always deepens my relationship with a good glass of bubbly. While it’s always nice to pop open a bottle of champagne during your holiday parties, it’s even better to have fun accessories to go along with your drinking experience. I’m talking coasters, bottle stoppers, and fun glasses. Drinking champagne should always be a fun experience, after all! I found a lot of good options, but narrowed down a few of my favorites. Don’t even get me started on how hard it was to pick out my favorite Jonathan Adler coaster. And these bow bottle stoppers might take the cake for cutest drink accessory. Martha Stewart really knows what she’s doing! I included the Mikasa champagne flutes because I have them and love them. I’ve had these glasses for years now, and they are a classic. The polka dot glass is my favorite one to drink out of, but all of the patterns are great.

PS- over the weekend I finally got to meet my friend Cara of Cara’s Cliche. She was in Cincinnati for a work party, and it was so fun getting to know her and her husband. I think we sat at Starbucks for two hours talking! They were honestly some of the nicest, most laid back people I’ve met. It made me want to meet more of the friends I’ve made blogging the past year.

Barware Christmas Gifts

Top: Kate Spade Two Piece Bar Set | Jonathan Adler Jet Set Coasters

Bottom: Martha Stewart Collection Bow Bottle Stoppers | Mikasa Cheers Flutes

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10 thoughts on “Gift Ideas For The Champagne Lover

  1. carascliche

    Seeing as we are hosting a NYE party (and le hubs broke all but one champagne glass when washing them) I think these pics are a must <3.

    PS It was so great to meet you too, and your "lansky hair" haha

    xx Cara

  2. Stephanie

    Pretty champagne flutes! How fun to meet a blogger friend… I’ve met up with a few and it’s always so interesting to hear their voice and see their mannerisms after reading their blogs. Have a wonderful day!


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