Statement Choker

Leather Pants with Blazer

Happy hump day! I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I posted any sort of outfit on here. It’s something I’m not happy about, but the bitter cold has prevailed. It seems like we’ve been having a lot of those winter days where it’s extremely cold and overcast. For me, those are the worst days to get through. You’re already dealing with the cold and then you have to look at the sky and remember just how depressing this time of year is. Luckily, the weatherman is predicting sun for this week, and I’m taking advantage! The sun was starting to set when I took these pictures, but it was so nice to see something bright and cheery.

Tara Lea Smith Choker Necklace

The jewelry I’m wearing today is long overdue for an appearance on the blog. Let’s talk about this choker first. The name Tara Lea Smith should sound pretty familiar, as I’ve worn a lot of her jewelry before. Simply put, she is a jewelry genius. I fell in love with this choker the first time she showed it to me. I love that it has an edgy vibe, but still has glamorous details. If you’re going to combine the two, this is how you do it!

Leather Pants with White Shirt

Casual Shirt and Black Blazer

Designer Choker Necklace

Another piece I’ve been wearing a lot is this Arthur & Livingston Mermaid Cuff. There’s a lot of reasons I love this bracelet. For starters, it’s great for layering. I usually wear it stacked with other bracelets, which ends up looking effortless and extra flashy (in a good way). Another thing that sold me on this cuff was that it’s adjustable. Yes, I know the ability to adjust isn’t at the top of everyone’s priority list, but it’s pretty high on mine. When you have abnormally small wrists like I do, you tend to have problems in the bracelet department. Things just don’t stay on my wrists well, and I have to work a little harder when finding a suitable wrist accessory. I was so happy when I tried this cuff on and I could bend it as secure as possible. It was a very comforting feeling to know your jewelry isn’t going anywhere but your wrist!

Arthur and Livingston Mermaid Cuff

Black Blazer with Leather Pants

Tara Lea Smith Choker Necklace | Arthur & Livingston Mermaid Cuff c/o | Urban Outfitters Blazer (similar) | The Fifth White Tee via Curate Boutique | Libby Boutique Ring c/o | H&M Faux Leather Pants (similar) | Report Booties | Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC


7 thoughts on “Statement Choker

  1. FashionEdible

    I totally understand small wrists! I have ridiculously small wrists and nothing fits. It’s irritating sometimes when I’m shopping for jewelry. Elastic banded bracelets are great but they can look cheap. Adjustable bracelets are even better! And that necklace is amazing!


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