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If you read my blog, you know I have a soft spot for anything and everything Kate Spade. The entire brand is like a wonderland of everything I love. From the adorable baubles and handbags, to the whimsical quotes they come up with, Kate Spade totally embodies my taste. With that being said, you can imagine my delight when they announced they were expanding their offering into home decor and kitchenware.

Yes, they’ve always had gorgeous china and kitchen offerings, but they’ve totally expanded that in the last few months. There’s everything from oven mitts to tea kettles, and let me tell you: I want it all! Oh, did I mention there’s also bedding? Yeah, you can pretty much outfit your entire life with Kate Spade now.

I’ve been contemplating these “All In Good Taste” polkadot plates, and I think I’m going to pull the trigger on my next trip to Macy’s. When I make big purchases like that, I like having my mom with me for some reason. I almost bought them last time I was there, but it felt weird not getting the seal of approval (although my mom did approve via text). Is anyone else this way?!

Honestly, I could have easily made today’s post a collage full of 50+ items, but nobody has time for that. In a moment of serious restraint, I rounded up some of my top wish list pieces from the Kate Spade Home Collection. I think what I love about everything is that it perfectly mixes so many colors without being too crazy. I’m a girl who loves color, and everything in this collection is so tastefully done. It’s fun, feminine and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Kate Spade Home and Kitchen

Pretty Pantry Apron | Greenwich Grove Collection | Rainey Street Kitchen Towel

Illustrated Coupe Sandwich Plate | Decorative Pillows | Cake Mug

Gold Dot Cocktail Shaker | Don’t Mind If I Do Mug | Jeweled Bottle Stopper

Are you in love with Kate Spade’s brand expansion? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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