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Midwest friends, I know you’re probably just as excited as I am for this weekend. Hopefully by the time this post is published, we’ll be surrounded by the spring-like weather we’ve been promised all week. I’m hoping I can take advantage of this rarity of a warm winter weekend and get outside a little bit. My work schedule is already pretty jam packed for the weekend, but I’ll try to sneak in some time outdoors. Do you have any fun plans for this nice weather?

This post from Glitter Guide yesterday about must-try birthday cakes had me salivating. I’m not a huge cake person, but any of these could make me change my tune. I don’t crave sweets a lot, but when I do I need it immediately. I usually end up whipping some dessert together, blacking out once it’s done and eating until I can no longer breathe. Let’s just say I can envision that happening with any of these cake recipes.

momofuku birthday cake recipe

Photo via Liv For Cake

With New York Fashion Week winding down, it’s been a whirlwind of high fashion as of late. I saw so many great collections that left me speechless, but I was especially enamored with Rachel Zoe’s presentation. I feel like I would wear every single piece worn, and it reminded me a lot of my personal style. The vibe was a brilliant mix of feminine, glamorous and a healthy dose of menswear-inspired, and it was amazing. Rachel, if you’re reading this, I’ll take this outfit 😉

rachel zoe fall 2016 nyfw

Photo via Vogue.com

I recently missed out on a Kate Spade flower cocktail ring I had planned on ordering. It was a new arrival this month, and part of the Madison Avenue Collection. I showed my mom, and told her I would be treating myself to it, and got busy and didn’t make the purchase right away. I went back a few days later, and IT WAS SOLD OUT. I was so devastated, and immediately emailed customer service. Unfortunately, it’s gone for good, and I will never hesitate again when I fall in love with a piece of jewelry. I’ve started looking at other floral cocktail rings, and really love this statement ring by Lele Sadoughi. It’s big, but something about it seems really dainty, too.

lele sadoughi CRYSTAL LILY RING,

Have a good weekend!


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  2. Grace Silla

    I *hate* when that happens – and then you can’t stop thinking about it for weeks. But the ring pictured is definitely pretty – a statement piece for sure! Hope you enjoy your weekend and hopefully it’s very mild weather-wise!



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