How To Style A Men’s Button Down

White Button Down Shirt

I am a huge advocate of menswear-inspired fashion, as evidenced here and here. It’s funny, because my style also tends to veer extremely feminine, so I cover both ends of the spectrum. I love adding a structured blazer or a crisp button down shirt to my look to make a bold and strong statement. Also, menswear-inspired pieces are extremely comfortable, and I like comfortable. While I usually wear pieces that channel mens fashion, today I’m actually wearing men’s fashion.

I recently got a chance to check out the Jonathan Mezibov shop in Over-the-Rhine, and was amazed by the selection of tailored men’s shirts. Everything is made with the highest quality and detail in mind, and you can feel it when you touch the shirts. Since this is a men’s shirt, it has a more relaxed and loose fit on me. I wanted to balance that out by keeping it more edgy and fitted on the bottom. This is a dream outfit for me. I could wear this combination on  daily basis. It’s easy and comfortable, but looks so sleek and effortless.

How To Style A Men's Button Down

Jonathan Mezibov

I wanted to take a moment for this necklace.

I bought it at High Street, one of my favorite hidden gem stores in Cincinnati. They sell home decor, gifts, jewelry, and pretty much everything else you can think of. I saw this necklace last time I was there, and knew I needed it. I’d call it purple, but in certain light it also tends to look blue. I love the massive bead in the middle, and loved it because it’s different than all the other jewelry I own.

Purple Statement Necklace

Leather Pants with White Shirt

Leather Pants with White Button Down

Jonathan Mezibov Men’s White Button Down Shirt | H&M Faux Leather Pants (similar) | Vince Camuto Mary-Jane Heels (similar) | Kate Spade Holden Street Lanie Satchel


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