The Perfect Pairing: Oscars Cocktail + BHLDN Baubles

Oscars Drink Ideas

As I was typing the title of today’s blog post, I inadvertently started humming “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music soundtrack. I love champagne, glitz and glamour, and anything that involves jewelry, which all happen to be major components of The Oscars. It’s kind of like all my dreams becoming a reality for one night a year, and it’s magical.

As you know, I’ve recently started a series on my blog called The Perfect Pairing. If you’re not familiar with it, I show you a cocktail recipe I love and pair it with the perfect piece of jewelry. Who wouldn’t want their cocktail with a side of sparkle? Not me!

I did a video on how to make the drink and showing off the earrings, but wanted to share some pictures I took in case you needed any Oscars inspiration.

French 75 Cocktail

Since The Oscars are this Sunday, today we’re making a French 75 to celebrate. The French 75 has been around for ages, but there’s debate on where/when it actually originated. Here’s an interesting read on that subject. No matter where the drink started, it was the first cocktail I thought of when I wanted to do an Academy Awards drink. I instantly think of old Hollywood glamour when I think of a French 75, and it doesn’t get more glamorous than the Oscars. With the mix of champagne, lemon juice, gin and sugar, it’s classic flavors coming together to create something timeless and amazing.

Now, onto the jewelry. Just like I knew what cocktail I wanted to make, I didn’t even hesitate when it came to the baubles. I immediately reached for my BHLDN Spire Earrings to complement this fancy cocktail. These were a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, and yes he has incredible taste in jewelry (lucky me). Anytime you pair pearls and Swarovski crystals, it’s a match made in heaven. I love the mix of feminine and glam, and these make for one eye-catching pair of earrings. Does anyone else get art deco vibes from these like I do? Very old Hollywood!

BHLDN Earrings

bhldn earrings

I wanted to add some personality to my Oscars drink setup, so I put paper bows on my champagne stems. I bought a set of gold, black and white patterned bows last year at Hobby Lobby, and was anxious to use them for something Oscars related. Luckily, they’re selling them again this year, so I’d snag them up if you need a party idea!

How To Make A French 75

These gold glitter boxes caught my eye, and I knew they’d be perfect for popcorn. Any excuse for glitter on Oscars night, right?!

Kate Spade Barware

I’ve mentioned my love for Kate Spade barware before, but this jigger has been an essential addition to my bar cart. I use it for all my drinks, and I love the gold and silver contrast. Well done, Kate Spade!

Oscars Cocktail Ideas

Oscars Party Ideas

Have a good weekend!


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