Transitional Times

Gingham Shirt with Anorak Jacket - casual outfit ideas

casual outfit ideas by Olivia Johnson

April is all about transitioning to a new season, but I think we can all agree this April has been a strange one. Since it can be 70 degrees one day, and cold and rainy the next, it can be tricky figuring out what to wear. I think layering is always the safest route to go for these unpredictable days. I’ve been on a simplicity kick lately, and have been going the minimalistic route with my wardrobe.

Today’s look is evidence of that.

It’s simple, but has an effortless feel to it, too. This Vineyard Vines gingham shirt gets worn at least once a week. I’ve never had a button down shirt fit me so well. It was my first experience with a Vineyard Vines top, and I am thoroughly impressed. Ladies, if you have a bigger chest, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised with the fit!

Gingham Shirt Outfit Ideas

AG Jeans

I also wanted to take a minute and discuss my new shoes.

I love shoes, but tend to be super picky about what I actually buy. The funny thing is I didn’t actually buy these shoes, but I had been desperately wanting them. This was one of those situations where I feel like my mom and I telepathically spoke to each other, and she knew that I had been eyeing these. I was totally surprised when I saw these in my Easter basket a few weeks ago. My mom was also happy that she picked well. She knew I’ve been into mules, but had no clue I had been sizing up this exact Calvin Klein pair. Well done, mom!

 Calvin Klein Mules

Casual Spring Outfit Ideas

I’m finally starting to get back to normal after being sick all week.

I went to lunch Monday with some co-workers and felt like I was going to pass out right when we got back to the office. I spent the past few days laying in bed with zero energy to do anything. Being sick makes you appreciate being healthy. I’ve been nauseous with a headache all week, and all I kept thinking was how grateful I’d be once I started feeling better. Of course, in that moment you think you’re never going to get better, but I’m slowly coming out of it.

Does anyone else have a hard time just relaxing when they’re sick? Even though I felt terrible and could barely move, I still kept stressing myself out thinking of all the work I was falling behind on. There were a few times I dove deep into some Friends episodes, which apparently is the only thing that can take my mind off things. Some things never change!

Gingham Shirt Anorak Jacket

  Green Anorak Jacket - casual outfit ideas

 Vineyard Vines Gingham Shirt (similar)

Hive & Honey Anorak Jacket (similar)

AG Skinny Jeans

Calvin Klein Mules

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses


4 thoughts on “Transitional Times

  1. Grace Silla

    Perfection! So sad that you got sick – I wonder if you got the same virus that I had. It’s super nasty and takes forever to shed. Hopefully you’ll continue feeling better (sometimes you feel better for a day or two and then it goes back downhill). And I love how your mom got you the exact pair of shoes you wanted. They are beautiful!



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