Snow Day

Grey and Black outfit

As much as I don’t like the cold, I have to admit that I love fresh snow! We had our first snowfall of 2017 last week, and I took the opportunity to pull out my leather jacket and cutest winter accessories.

This look is definitely edgier than my usual style, but I think my matching embellished beanie and gloves bring a nice feminine touch.

I have a ton of cute and colorful coats that are a lot warmer than a faux leather jacket, but honestly the static drives me crazy this time of year. I feel like I’m a walking ball of electricity at all times, and the leather texture seems to minimize my static breakouts. Does anyone else experience the static struggle like I do?!

Edgy Winter Outfit Ideas

faux leather jacket

Black Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Outfits

One of my favorite things about this outfit is this Lulu Frost necklace. I had been professing my love for anything and everything Lulu Frost to my mom, and she took the hint and got this for me for Christmas!

I could go crazy on any jewelry website, but Lulu Frost is especially tempting for me. I love every single thing they create!

This particular lariat necklace I’m wearing is from the Nova collection, and features a blend of asymmetrical stars. It’s also the perfect blend of gold and silver.

lulu frost jewelry Embellished Grey Beanie

Embellished Beanie    lulu frost jewelry

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Lulu Frost Nova Necklace

Banana Republic Embellished Beanie & Gloves

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Black leather jacket

Embellished Beanie


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