Bauble Wish List: Valentine’s Day-Inspired

Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m getting back into the swing of things after spending a relaxing weekend in Cleveland visiting Joe. I try to get Joe to come down here as much as possible during the winter so I can avoid the freezing temperatures up there. Fortunately, it was unseasonably warm this past weekend, and it felt like spring the entire time I was there. It was great surprise for January!

Now that we’re closing in on the end of the month, I’ve already got my sights set on Valentine’s Day. There’s something about all the pink and red that makes me so excited. Adding some bursts of color is also a nice distraction during the typically bleak month of February. Does anyone else feel like February can sometimes feel more depressing than January? That’s why I love having Valentine’s Day to look forward to.

Although I don’t do it much myself, pink and red are one of my absolute favorite color combinations. It might not sound like they’d go together, but when paired correctly can be a gorgeous and unexpected surge of color.

I scoured some of my favorite sites to find the best in pink and red baubles. I haven’t done a bauble wish list in quite some time, so this was a lot of fun for me! I found some pieces that were all red, all pink, or a mix of the two. Now the hard part is telling myself I don’t need to add any of these to my jewelry collection…

PS- you can now shop the below items simply by clicking on each item! Needless to say, I am loving the user friendly features on my new site.


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