Celebrating March Madness with Kroger!

Even if you’re not a huge sports fanatic, you probably know that we’re currently in the midst of March Madness. I for one am super excited because my beloved Cincinnati Bearcats are in the NCAA tournament and I’m actually watching them play as I type this!

You may remember my post back in January with Kroger where I shared a ton of food products from their Simple Truth line. This month I’ve teamed up with Kroger again to celebrate March Madness with their family of brands! You may not know just how vast a selection the different brands offer, whether it’s Simple Truth, Private Selection or the Kroger label.

I did an unboxing video showing everything I got which you can watch below. While the games themselves are exciting (especially when you have your team involved), I think we can all agree the snacks majorly add to the excitement.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite products, and unsurprisingly most of it involves Mexican flavors! I love Mexican food at all times, but doesn’t it always taste so good during sporting events? It’s so satisfying, and another benefit is that it’s pretty easy to make and experiment with different flavors.

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

I wanted to keep it simple so I made a dip using the Simple Truth black beans and Kroger brand diced jalapenos. I mixed those together and sprinkled it with some chili powder, salt, and pepper. This was perfect for dipping with the blue corn tortilla chips from Private Selection. It’s also the perfect filling for tacos, which are a personal favorite game time snack.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic salsa for your March Madness party. This Private Selection salsa is in the medium heat category, which is perfect for me.

Kroger Salsa

Kroger Party Food

Black Bean Dish

You can’t have a March Madness party without something sweet, which is why these Simple Truth Duplex sandwich cookies are perfect. They’re a combination of vanilla and chocolate with a creme filling. I love that these are easy to eat while watching the game and are no fuss while still packing a flavorful punch.

Simple Truth Cookies


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