A Backyard Soccer Party with Trivento Wine

Thank you Trivento for sponsoring this post. Get in the game with Trivento Wine and Major League Soccer!

Trivento Wine Malbec

One of the best parts of the season changing is getting to spend a lot more time outdoors. When I’m not outside I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to do when I get to be outdoors, whether that’s doing something active or just enjoying some leisurely time.

Luckily there’s a way to maximize your time outside while both relaxing and getting a little active! Trivento Wines are the official wine of the MLS, and whether you’re having a pre-game glass of wine or entertaining in your backyard this wine is perfect for any occasion!

Trivento Wine

I grew up playing soccer, but I really started to appreciate the sport when I started dating Joe in college. He grew up competitively playing soccer (much different than my experience!) and his love for the game has transferred over to me throughout the years.

What’s nice is that soccer is one of those sports that’s both fun to watch and even more fun to play yourself. I’ve watched a lot of soccer matches on TV with joe, but there’s something extra exciting about playing in your own backyard (on a much more casual level!).

Trivento Wine

When I got to thinking about my ideal backyard party, it involved soccer, wine, and snacks! I couldn’t think of a more occasion-appropriate wine to host a backyard get together than Trivento. The fact that they’re the official wine of Major League Soccer is the perfect bridge between celebration and sport, and I love their selection of wines. For the food portion of my backyard gathering, I opted for the always popular cheeseboard. When you’re running around playing soccer, a heavy meal usually doesn’t sound too appealing, so a cheeseboard with a variation of options is the perfect way to keep your guests full without going overboard. I crafted my cheeseboard with a few different kinds of cheese, crackers, fruits, tomatoes, and sausage!

The Trivento Malbec paired perfectly with everything on the cheeseboard, as did the Trivento White Orchid for those who prefer a white wine. If you’re a wine and/or soccer lover then I highly recommend joining the Trivento-MLS loyalty program, which can help you earn MLS gear when purchasing Trivento wine. Click here to check it out: https://clvr.li/2GAS0Tx

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Official wine of MLS    Trivento Wines with Cheese Board

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